Free Flu Vaccination for Older Persons - Please Help Sign Our Petition

Please join us in asking the government to provide free annual influenza vaccination for older persons.

These individuals, especially those with pre-existing health conditions, are at high risk of potentially fatal complications, such as pneumonia, heart attack and stroke. This explains why up to 70% of flu-related hospitalisations and 85% of flu-related deaths occur among those 65 years and above.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends annual flu vaccination to reduce the risk of severe illness, hospitalisation, and death. In response, 40 countries (including Thailand, Laos, Philippines, and Singapore) have begun offering free flu vaccines to older persons.

We believe Malaysia should follow suit as all our senior citizens deserve to be protected, including those who are unable to afford flu vaccination.

By signing this petition, you can make a meaningful difference in supporting the well-being of older persons in Malaysia. Please sign and help spread the word!

Please sign the petition at to ask the government for free annual influenza vaccination for our older persons.


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*MSOHD is part of the Malaysian Alliance for the Prevention of Influenza (MyAPI)